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Next brew dates are Sunday, July 22nd, and Saturday, Sept. 1st 
Roadkill! - In a major coup, the new RoadKill section of the site has been launched under budget and 3 days early.  This will no doubt greatly please the investors as we prepare for our initial public offering.  Click though to site below.

Dik Helps Brew! - Bucking what was turning out to be a devastating, downward spiral into despair, Dik showed up at the Jan. 20th brewing sober and able bodied!  He was seen doing some cleaning and other semi-important tasks.  After successfully completing a probationary period, he will once again be allowed to help with the important steps of the process.

Infection! - According to unnamed sources, the entire batch from the Nov. 11 brew is infected!  Click below for the pictorial story and the suspense filled search for the source of the disease.


April 7, 2001  {people}

Feb. 24, 2001  {people}

Jan. 20, 2001  {people}

Dec. 31, 2000  {people}

Dec. 9, 2000   {people}

Recipes, process and equipment  {brewing}

Infection!  {diseased}

RoadKill! {yuck}

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Next Brewing Event: Sun. July 22, 2001
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