The first thing Jim saw when he and Dik got back from the airport.  You'd reform too if you saw a life-size image of Nancy floating above the driveway admonishing you without fear of reproach.

In a dramatic turn around from previous brew sessions, Jim diligently assisted for almost the entire process!  In case you aren't familiar with his past, educate yourself about it here.  In light of his good behavior, his application for reinstatement to the board of directors is under review.

Celebrity photo: Sergio giddy with joy after waiting in line for 15 minutes to have his picture taken with Dik.

Celebrity photo:  As part of his probation, Dik visits local orphanages to boost the morale of the unwanted children.  He is show here with "Jimmy" who is one of the center's oldest residents. 

The token "standing around the Fat Bastard" shot.

Jeanne, Scupper, Karen, and friends.

Stan with his pig's feet and red beans.  Not technically a roadkill product so Stan ran over the package with his car first.

As part of Dik's master plan to regain control of the brewery, he is attempting to train alternate workers in case #2 should get in an "accident".  Turns out there is a dearth of people willing to show up to help before 10am so the process remains in #2's control for the time being.

Thomas, humble builder of brewing equipment.

Digeridoo.  (aka the throw-this-stick-for-me dog)

Bill, you're not supposed to inhale that deeply when smoking a cigar.

More secret ingredients.
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