Dik and Yohn.

A toast to the beer god.  (Believed to exist in a dog's form.)


Gary and Karen.

People calmly having a good time.  (Right before the riot over the first keg running dry.  Only moderate property damage was sustained until the crowd was subdued by the alcohol.)

Jim pretending to be the guy from the movie 'Alien' who had the dubious honor of being the first carrier host.  Joke falls flat and Jim and his belly sulk away to regroup.

Nancy preparing to beat down the stray toads that had managed to climb up the side of the kettle in an attempt to escape.

Nancy eating a banger off her switchblade.  Not the kind of woman you'd want to run into in a dark alley.

About 148,000 more Btus than necessary to roast a banger.

When they do this to wild animals on the side of the road it's called poaching...

[A tribute to all the people who have struck up a conversation with me about why I don't have any desire to start eating meat again....

Now this is a power meal!
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