Alicia.  (By then time they are 21 they will have been to 167 Fat Bastard Brewings at their current rate of attendance.)

The view the squirrel had right before it slipped off the branch and fell into the brew.  No, it was not removed.

Nancy dutifully guarding the kettle.  Suspicious "government" activity had been occurring in the area all morning.  You can never be too paranoid..

Secret ingredient no. 1.

Secret ingredient no. 2.  (Don't tell!!)

Thomas and Sergio monitor fecal coliform levels.

Sergio slacks off on his duties and lets the brew catch on fire.  Is punished with a glass of Coors Light.  Later swears he'll never take his eyes off the kettle again.

Barry discovers that the so called "schedule" is really just a copy of somebody's algebra homework that John put on a clipboard so he  would look smart and Dik would be confused.

Our pretty lights.


Yep Jim, that's fire in there and it is hot!
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