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Buttermilk = 2 cups milk + 1 Tbsp lemon juice
Light molasses = 1/2 blackstrap + 1/2 light corn syrup
Beet weights - beets=2lb10oz, greens=2lb50z - greens weight = beet weight


Beef- Rare-125deg F; Med/Rare-130deg F; Medium-135-140deg F
Sous Vide rare steak = 117 deg
Pork Shoulder = 195 deg, Cook at low temp 200-300 deg.
Salt meat liberally 3-1 days prior to cooking and store uncovered in refrigerator. Room temp prior to cooking


Standard Cook's Illustrated Brine = 9% by weight
Kosher salt 8.3oz wght/cup Water 8.34lb/gal results in 1 1/2 cups salt/gallon water
Table salt twice density of kosher salt - half volume required
CI quick turkey brine 1 cup table salt/gal - 4-6hr brine CI slow turkey brine - 1/2 cup table salt/gal - 12-14hr brine NYT Fried Chicken Brine - 4Tbsp kosher salt+4 cup lukewarm water - few hours to overnight in refrigerator
NYT Buttermilk Brine - 2Tbsp kosher salt + 4 cups buttermilk + black pepper - few hours to overnight in refrigerator
NYT Cider Brine - 4Tbsp kosher salt + 2 cups apple cider - few hours to overnight in refrigerator


Cook's Illustrate (Nov/Dec 2009) Dried White Beans evaluation

  • Favorite - Cannellini - buttery with subtle mushroom like character; meaty and lush
  • Favorite - Lima - Rich, buttery, with a distinct sweetness & earthiness; very creamy
  • Baby Lima - Same as regular Lima; very creamy
  • Navy (small white seed of green bean) - nutty and sweet; very creamy
  • Small white - mild & bland; starchy
  • Great Northern (large white seed of green bean) - strong mineral notes; slightly chalky and mealy

Normal soak of dried beans is up to 24 hr
Add salt to soaking water to eliminate tough skins - 3 Tbsp/gallon (not necessary for baked beans)
Can drain and store soaked beans in zip lock bag in refrigerator for up to 4 days before using
Quick soak reduces gas creating components - 1 min boil followed by 1 hour soak
For max reduction add 10+ cups of boiling water per pound of beans, boil for 2-3 min., cover and soak overnight.

Pork for Stew

Cook's Illustrated recommended cuts for pork in stew - Boston Butt or Picnic Roast

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